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The Hungarian right-wing party would like a referendum on EU membership.

The Hungarian right-wing party would like a referendum on EU membership.

The Hungarian far-right Our Motherland party would like to hold a referendum on Hungary’s EU membership by 2030, its leader Laszlo Torotskai said.

“In the long term, we want a strong and independent Hungary. That is why we support measures to support the family, the development of the Hungarian army and we want the Hungarian economy to be based on national values, and not as it is now. Unfortunately, the Hungarian governments over the past 30 years have really created such a situation that we cannot leave the EU tomorrow, because the Hungarian economy, which is the economy most affected by foreign global capital in our region, would collapse.But Hungary must be prepared for life outside the EU, and we wanted to hold a referendum on membership in EU until 2030,” Torotsky said.


He also noted that he “dreams” of a neutral Hungary, not part of any military blocs like Austria. “NATO has become an expanding military organization serving American interests that has nothing to do with the original defense goals that were formulated when it was created,” the politician added.

Earlier, Klara Dobrev, a former candidate for prime minister of Hungary from the opposition Democratic Coalition party, said that the government of Viktor Orban was allegedly leading Hungary to “Hunksit” – exit from the EU. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary Péter Szijjarto said that no serious political force in Hungary would question the need to maintain membership in the European Union, in particular because exports to the EU countries account for almost 80% of all Hungarian exports.

Orban has previously said that he is hurt by the fact that his country is being persecuted in the European Union, but the economic well-being of Hungary depends on Brussels, so it is in the national interests of Budapest to remain part of the union. In September last year, Orban said that, despite disagreements with Brussels, Hungary continues to see itself as a member of the EU in the future.

According to the results of the elections to the Hungarian parliament in April 2022, the Our Motherland party won six seats out of 199 in the national assembly.