Today: Wednesday, 17 April 2024 year

The Japanese Parliament ended its regular session.

The Japanese Parliament ended its regular session.

The Japanese Parliament on Wednesday held the last meeting of the regular session, the completion of the work of the Parliament was announced by the head of the lower house, Hiroyuki Hosoda. The last meeting was broadcast live on the channel of the House of Representatives.

“The 211th session of Parliament ended today. This session was convened on January 23 and since that day has diligently held hearings on key policy issues,” Hosoda said, thanking the deputies for their active work.

The session continued as planned for 150 days. During this time, 58 of the 60 bills submitted for discussion by the Parliament were adopted. In addition to the fiscal year 2023 budget (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024), with a record military spending of 6.79 trillion ($52 billion), 1.4 trillion yen ($10.4 billion) more than in In fiscal year 2022, Parliament passed a law to secure non-tax defense revenue despite opposition opposition, an LGBT law, a law regulating the deportation of foreigners who violated the rules of stay in the country, and other new rules.

Despite the end of the session, it is possible to discuss the situation related to the system of identification numbers, which is being actively implemented by the government, to which it is planned to “link” health insurance cards, tax data and other information. From the autumn of next year, it is planned to completely replace paper medical insurance cards with plastic cards with an identification number. This issue causes heated debate in society due to numerous failures in the system.