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The leader of the “League” in Italy urged the EU to reimburse the costs due to sanctions against the Russian Federation

The leader of the “League” in Italy urged the EU to reimburse the costs due to sanctions against the Russian Federation

Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy’s centre-right League party, said on Sunday that EU authorities should reimburse the costs of anti-Russian sanctions incurred by Italian households and businesses.

“[We demand] that Europe protect families and businesses, cover the additional bills paid by families and shops, otherwise we risk losing a million jobs in September,” he said.

Speaking at the Ambrosetti Economic Forum, Salvini recalled that his party “convincedly voted in Italy and in Europe for all measures in support of Ukraine, including sanctions.”

“We have to protect Ukraine? Yes, but I would not want sanctions to harm those who enter them more than those who are subjected to them,” he said.

Earlier, the politician said that the responsibility for rising energy prices lies with the EU. He called for a critical assessment of the effect of anti-Russian sanctions. In addition, Salvini called “madness” the hypothesis of a ban on issuing visas to Russian citizens.

His party “League” is part of the center-right coalition, which has a good chance of winning the upcoming September 25 parliamentary elections. At the same time, the Brothers of Italy, an allied coalition party led by George Meloni, who is predicted to have the best result within the coalition, shares the line of anti-Russian sanctions and assistance to Ukraine, including military. Meloni, in turn, stated that “Italy will not be the weak link of the West.

Antonio Tajani, former President of the European Parliament and Vice-President of Fort Italia, which also belongs to the centre-right coalition, said sanctions against Russia are inevitable and should be “continued to apply.” He added that “any choice to change the position can only be made at the level of Europe and NATO.

Italy and the EU fear that Salvini is the “weak link” of the center-right coalition in terms of the anti-Russian line and may soften the position of Meloni, who, even if elected prime minister of the country, will depend on the allies.