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The leaders of Belarus and China agreed on new meetings.

The leaders of Belarus and China agreed on new meetings.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to meet again, Belarusian Ambassador to China Yuri Senko said.

Lukashenko was on a state visit to China from February 28 to March 2. Following official talks in Beijing, the Belarusian President and the President of the People’s Republic of China adopted a joint statement on the further development of exemplary relations of all-weather and comprehensive strategic partnership between Belarus and China in the new era.

“Our leaders agreed … to hold meetings in the near future. There was an invitation to visit us in the Republic of Belarus. So the People’s Republic of China, in the person of its chairman, invited our president to visit China in the near future,” Senko said.

He expressed confidence that the high-level meetings between the countries “will continue, they will be filled with content, … they will continue to be no less productive.”

“As a sovereign independent state, we are building relations with the People’s Republic of China in the interests of our two countries, not to please anyone, not against anyone, and this manifested itself in every minute, in every second of the conversation between our leaders,” Senko said.

The Belarusian diplomat later, in an interview with the ONT television channel, noted that in the conditions of Western sanctions pressure on Belarus, Beijing behaved towards Minsk as a “true friend.”

“China in this difficult time acted in the most authentic way as a true friend, partner and a country that today is not friends against someone or in the name of something with someone, but works as it worked before, taking into account many years of cooperation between our countries,” he said.

Senko stressed that Lukashenko’s state visit to Beijing is evidence of this. “Both our head of state and our delegation were received at the highest level and in full compliance with the state protocol of the highest level,” he stated.