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The Moldovan opposition announced protests against the country’s withdrawal from the CIS.

The Moldovan opposition announced protests against the country’s withdrawal from the CIS.

The Renaissance opposition party in Moldova intends to hold a series of actions this week in Chisinau against the country’s withdrawal from the CIS, Yury Vitnyansky, the party’s representative, said at a briefing on Monday.

Since last year, the Moldovan authorities have been talking about the need to denounce a number of agreements with the CIS. The ministries intend to analyze all agreements with the CIS and denounce those that have become “ineffective”, hoping to replace them with bilateral agreements with countries that are members of the Commonwealth. In addition, by order of the Speaker of Parliament, leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) Igor Grosu, the Cabinet of Ministers will prepare a bill on Moldova’s withdrawal from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.

“This week we will hold a series of actions that will be positive. We will hold them at the embassies of different states. The week will end with an action calling on President Maia Sandu and the PAS party to urgently abandon their intentions to escalate the conflict with the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation and other eastern partners,” party spokesman Yury Vitnyansky said at a briefing.

According to him, all countries are trying to unite, look for mutually beneficial conditions in order to develop their economy, and the current ruling party PAS is doing everything to “find enemies among those with whom we can cooperate for the sake of the interests of the republic.”

“Therefore, the Renaissance party will call on all diplomatic missions, to all representatives of diplomatic missions of both Eastern and Western potential partners, and also call on the authorities to fight for maintaining friendly relations between the republic and the CIS countries,” Vitnyansky emphasized.