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The Moldovan police reacted to the blocking of roads by the opposition.

The Moldovan police reacted to the blocking of roads by the opposition.

Moldovan police noted that the Shor party on Monday blocked roads in Chisinau and six other settlements, although this is prohibited under the country’s state of emergency.

The state of emergency in Moldova has been in effect since February 24 last year. In October 2022, the Commission for Emergency Situations ruled that it is prohibited to hold rallies on weekdays with the blocking of traffic lanes, transport arteries or access and evacuation routes to public institutions. On weekends, such meetings can last no more than four hours. In case of serious violations of public order, the police may require the organizer to stop the assembly immediately and without the involvement of a representative of the local public administration. Meanwhile, supporters of the Shor party blocked roads in Chisinau and other areas on Monday to draw the authorities’ attention to their demands.

“In connection with the blocking of several streets and routes in Chisinau and in six districts of the country by members of the opposition political party, law enforcement agencies were involved in actions to ensure public order, the safety of citizens and traffic. It should be noted that the decisions of the Commission for Emergency Situations were seriously violated” , –  the telegram channel of the police reported.

The law enforcement agencies emphasized that during the day they repeatedly received complaints from citizens.

On Sunday, March 12, another mass protest against rising prices and tariffs took place in the Moldovan capital. The demonstrators called on the government to pay winter heating and electricity bills, and also demanded the resignation of President Maia Sandu and the government. The action was held within the framework of the “Movement for the People”, which is supported by the opposition party “Shor”. The result of the action was the adoption of a resolution that calls on the government to pay the population for heating and electricity in the winter, the authorities had to respond to the ultimatum within 24 hours.

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices, gas tariffs have increased almost seven times in 2022, and almost four times for electricity. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of energy resources, debts for utilities are growing among the population. According to experts, in Chisinau gas debts of ordinary consumers have increased seven times since last November. Numerous polls show that about 60% of the country’s population doubts the ability of the ruling Action and Solidarity party to stay in power for another three years before the next parliamentary elections. Also, about 70% of Moldovans are disappointed with the policy of the authorities and almost 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.