Today: Saturday, 2 March 2024 year

The Niger Foreign Ministry revealed the whereabouts.

The Niger Foreign Ministry revealed the whereabouts.

Nigerian President Mohamed Bazum, who was overthrown by the rebels, is in his residence, Foreign Minister and Acting Prime Minister Asumi Masudu said.

“The president is still being held at his residence, he is in good health,” Massoud said.

He added that Niger would never accept “a fait accompli of seizing power” and urged the rebels to return to duty.

Last night, the Nigerian military announced a coup d’état. According to them, the president has been removed, the borders have been closed, and a curfew has been introduced in the country.

The day before, members of the Presidential Guard blockaded Bazuma’s palace in Niamey. The president’s office said the army did not support the mutiny and issued them an ultimatum. As reported by Al Arabiya TV channel, Bazum rejected the rebels’ demand to sign a letter of resignation.

According to some information, the reason for the rebellion could be Bazum’s intention to dismiss the commander of the guard, General Omar Tchiani. At the same time, negotiations are underway, which are designed to avoid a confrontation between the guards and the rest of the army.