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The opposition in Moldova protested against the NATO exercises.

The opposition in Moldova protested against the NATO exercises.

The opposition party in Moldova, Revival, protested against holding NATO exercises in the country, in particular because tens of thousands of military personnel and more than a thousand military vehicles will take part in them.

Earlier, a number of Moldovan media, financed by US government projects and close to the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), citing an internal NATO document, reported that the country would join the Steadfast Defender 24 military exercise in mid-February, in which 31 members would take part alliance. In addition, some maneuvers will take place at military training grounds in the republic. According to the constitution, Moldova has a neutral status, but since 1994 the country has been cooperating with NATO under an individual partnership plan.

“About 90 thousand military personnel, dozens of planes and helicopters, more than a thousand combat vehicles. This entire arsenal is going to be brought to our country in May, as part of NATO exercises. What are we being prepared for? Why is the “yellow” regime deliberately trampling on the constitution, violating the status of permanent neutrality “We will have to restore a lot after the departure of President Maia Sandu and the PAS party, including on issues of ensuring national security,” the political force said in a press release.

The party emphasized that they stand for neutrality and the preservation of peace in Moldova. “It is necessary to build good neighborly relations with all external partners. How is this possible in conditions when the military of the Western bloc is allowed into our country?” – the political forces are wondering.

With the coming to power of the PDS party, whose informal leader is President Maia Sandu, exercises began to be held frequently in the country with the participation of military personnel from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and Romania.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova also stated that they would like to strengthen the country’s defense capability and acquire the necessary weapons for this. In particular, Defense Minister Anatoly Nosaty spoke about the need to create an air defense system. Sandu herself emphasizes that the republic needs to continue the discussion about rapprochement with NATO, since, according to the president, this helps strengthen the country’s defense capability.