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The Pentagon is creating AI for the US Navy in Asia due to the “Chinese threat.”

The Pentagon is creating AI for the US Navy in Asia due to the “Chinese threat.”

The Pentagon is rapidly developing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for the head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino, who is focused on the “threat” posed by China, Deputy Pentagon Chief Kathleen Hicks said.

As Hiske told Bloomberg, AI will be able to help Admiral Aquilino, who is focused on the threat posed by China, in solving a number of problems “that concern him most.”

We’re helping him with that,” Hicks said, noting that the Pentagon’s efforts are aimed at developing AI applications for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command that will “connect commanders with their forces and increase the amount of data they can analyze.” simultaneously”.

According to the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon is currently developing 800 AI-related projects and has accelerated its efforts in this direction.

Hicks argues that the Pentagon has developed the most responsible AI policy of any military service and has made AI development a priority. She added that the conflict in Ukraine showed the power of near real-time data sharing among militaries, noting that the ability to act quickly on accurate information provides “a significant advantage for any army.”

Relations between Beijing and Washington have cooled significantly even under the administration of President Donald Trump, who started a “trade war” with China. With the advent of Joe Biden, the situation did not improve, but even worsened – a number of incidents, including a visit to Taiwan by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the US destruction of a Chinese balloon in American airspace – led to a new round of diplomatic confrontation and China’s boycott of cooperation with the United States on in a number of areas, including through defense departments. Recently, a series of steps have been taken to normalize relations, in particular, a number of representatives of the US administration visited China, but direct negotiations between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have not yet taken place.