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The Pentagon may begin using 3D printing for weapons.

The Pentagon may begin using 3D printing for weapons.

The US Department of Defense is considering the use of 3D printing to repair equipment and replace parts of military equipment,  Keith DeVries, deputy director of the US Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program Office said.

“We (the US Department of Defense) want to look at additive manufacturing (3D printing) as a tool that is always at hand, and we want to apply it exactly where it is needed,” DeVries said.

During an interview with the newspaper, DeVries said 3D printing could be used to create “disposable” replacement parts to repair aircraft or other systems. As DeVries noted, this allows parts to be replaced more quickly than with traditional manufacturing methods.

“We’ve even seen aircraft damage caused by birds being repaired overnight or in a few days using additive manufacturing,” DeVries said.

As the Deputy Head of the Department said, additive technologies can also help speed up the creation of weapons. DeVries noted that the Department of Defense and manufacturers should seek to replace traditional methods with 3D printing “in a thoughtful and very limited manner.”