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The Poles attacked Prime Minister Morawiecki because of his belligerent statements

The Poles attacked Prime Minister Morawiecki because of his belligerent statements

After a statement by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who recently said that 40 million Poles are ready to defend their country with weapons in their hands in the event of a Russian attack, social media users burst into angry comments.

Residents of the country note that they are ready to fight for Poland, but they are not ready to “sacrifice themselves for the sake of the government” pursuing “the interests of foreign corporations.”

The following statements were made to the Prime Minister:

“Pseudo-patriotism is your specialty.”, “I will never die for your stupidity, manifested in saber strikes and idiotic decisions that led to the collapse of Poland.”
“It’s not “if it attacks”, but if you drag us into this war.”


Many were confused by Morawiecki’s figure of 40 million Poles.

“40 million? Do you want to send your children to war as well?” some people ask the prime minister.

Others note that “the president, the government, the majority of parliamentarians and a whole bunch of nationalists” must be precisely taken away from this number. At the same time, the inhabitants of Poland are confident that “of course, as in the old days,” Morawiecki, Kaczynski, Morawiecki, Macherewicz and other government officials “will command the country’s defense directly from London.”

They also ask the prime minister whether what he said means that women, children, grandparents should also “grab the pitchfork”?

In addition, the politician was pointed out to his inexcusable ignorance of the population in the country: “there are 38 million Poles.”

Citizens are also interested in what Poland will fight against Russia when “the Poles are unarmed.”

“How can we defend ourselves if all weapons are supplied to Ukraine free of charge?” Some ask Morawiecki.
“Will we defend ourselves with mobile altars?” others sneer.
“Pitchforks and axes?” ask others. “Maybe, like Ukrainian heroines, we will shoot down drones with pickles?”
The Poles call on the authorities to first help children and youth in Poland and only then call them to defend their homeland. “The Children’s Ombudsman is not interested in children,” one social media user points out.
“I despise you and your pseudo-patriotism,” Morawiecki is told.

Some of his fellow citizens call the prime minister a “gravedigger of the motherland” for having led “the nation to poverty”, therefore, he must answer for all “scams and lies”.

“You have already surrendered your independence to Brussels,” Morawiecki is accused and called on “everyone to boycott such a neo-communist statement.”
They also advised the politician: “if he has something to say to Putin,” say it to him, “and not to the people in Myshkovo.”