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The President of Italy criticized the culture of canceling Russian art.

The President of Italy criticized the culture of canceling Russian art.

Russian culture is an integral part of European culture, so attempts to abolish it are erroneous, said Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

“The culture of abolition in relation to Russian literature and art seems to be a mistaken move that would like to shift the blame back on the products of centuries of European history, of which this culture is an integral part,” the politician said.

Recalling the aphorism from the comedy of the ancient Roman author Publius Terence “I am a man, and nothing human is alien to me,” Mattarella emphasized that “attitude towards cultures created by man can only be openness, curiosity, familiarization, comparison.”

“Progress is born from this. Not from rejection, not from cancellation. The cultural context is the product of a continuous transformation, contradictory, dialectical, with a non-linear direction,” the President of Italy said.

The culture of cancellation has already been stigmatized by “the most vigilant intellectuals,” he said.


Art itself refuses “convenient cataloging” and seeks to offer itself as a vision, each of which “coexists with others, merges, develops,” the president continued.

“Culture is being killed by standardization, conformity, even that which we submit to unconsciously or through our own fault out of mental laziness, out of opportunism,” Mattarella concluded.