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The Prime Minister of Bavaria called for the supply of German missiles to Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria called for the supply of German missiles to Ukraine.

Bavarian Prime Minister and head of the local Christian Social Union (CSU) party Markus Soeder called for the supply of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Earlier, a number of representatives of a number of German parties – the Free Liberals (FDP), the Greens and the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to supply Ukraine with a Taurus, and representatives of the latter two openly talk about the need to strike deep into Russian territory.

Soeder said on Saturday at a visiting congress of CSU Bundestag deputies in the Seeon monastery that the delivery of Taurus “will allow Ukraine to defend itself against constant drone attacks and rocket attacks.” This is “the only serious chance for Ukraine to regain its courage and not let Russia win,” Soeder said.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Bavaria spoke in favor of restoring military conscription in Germany and strengthening the country’s defense potential.

The main point of contention regarding the supply of Taurus is the range of these missiles, which is 500 kilometers. Until now, Germany has fundamentally not supplied Kyiv with weapons with similar characteristics. The German expert community discussed whether the missiles could be programmed so that they could not be used to strike Russian territory. According to Spiegel, this is precisely the issue that interests Scholz, and therefore negotiations are allegedly underway with representatives of the military industry.