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The Prime Minister of Poland warned against the transition of the country to the euro.

The Prime Minister of Poland warned against the transition of the country to the euro.

Poland’s transition to the euro currency, following the example of Croatia, will lead to price chaos and inflation, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters.

“A few days ago, Croatia changed its currency and joined the euro zone. And what is happening in Croatia now? Croats are experiencing a price shock. Croats are dealing with far-reaching price chaos. 70-80% within just one week,” Morawiecki said.

He noted that the difference in economic development with the richer EU countries will not allow Poland to painlessly switch to the European currency.

“After the accession of Croatia to the euro area, voices began to be heard that Poland should follow Croatia. Today we see very clearly and most Poles clearly understand what risks this entails in a situation where there is such a big difference in the level of economic development between Croatia and, for example, Poland and the main countries of the eurozone. The inflationary chaos that the Croats are signaling is a very serious warning for us,” the Polish prime minister said.

According to him, the transition of Poland to the European currency will further spur the growth of consumer prices.

“Choosing in favor of the euro at a time when we have high inflation is adding fuel to the fire. Before that, we warn everyone who wants to force Poles to join the euro zone,” the prime minister said.

The very replacement of the currency from one to another will not give anything. This could lead to a sharp impoverishment of Polish society. At this stage of development, this can only lead to an increase in prices, to an increase in inflation,” he concluded.

The discussion about the adoption of the euro currency by Poland has been going on for many years, and there is no agreement among politicians on this issue. In July 2022, the head of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said that the transition to the euro would have a detrimental effect on the Polish financial and economic system.

“The euro would have killed us during the 2008-2009 crisis and would have killed us even more today,” he said.