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The Prime Minister of Romania said that the Moldovan language never existed.

The Prime Minister of Romania said that the Moldovan language never existed.

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolaku said that the Moldovan language never existed, since, according to him, it was allegedly invented by Russia for the inhabitants of Bessarabia.

“The Moldovan language should no longer exist, because it never existed. This is an invention of the Russian Federation, especially for Bessarabia, for Romanian citizens from the territory of Bessarabia, so that they no longer call themselves Romanians, call themselves Moldovans,” Ciolaku told reporters.

He noted that preliminary agreements had been reached with Ukraine on this issue; the Prime Minister of Romania explained that Kyiv was preparing “draft legislative amendments” that would stipulate that only the Romanian language exists.

In August, Ciolaku appealed to the leadership of Ukraine with a demand to recognize that the Moldovan language does not exist.

The Parliament of Moldova in March approved the renaming of the state language from Moldavian to Romanian. According to the approved bill, the words “Moldavian language” in any grammatical form are replaced by the phrase “Romanian language”.

Moreover, the amendment has even been introduced into the constitution, although this usually requires a referendum.

In 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldova decided that the state language in the republic is Romanian. At the same time, the country’s constitution states that the Moldovan language is the state language.

According to the Constitutional Court, the text of the declaration of independence of Moldova, in which Romanian is named the state language, prevails over the constitution of the republic.