Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

The protest in Tel Aviv ended, the policemen were injured.

The protest in Tel Aviv ended, the policemen were injured.

The protest in Tel Aviv ended, 18 people were detained, 10 police officers were injured, police said.

“The protest in Tel Aviv has ended… During demonstrations in Tel Aviv, 18 people were detained for attacking police officers or disturbing the peace… During the clashes, 10 police officers were injured,” the report says.

During the protests, shootings took place in the kibbutz (settlement) Hatzerim in the Southern District of Israel. A shot from a pistol in the air was made by the head of the city security service.

It is reported that the police restored order, seven people were detained for questioning.

The protests began after the Knesset finally approved a bill on the “reasonableness factor” on Monday that limits the ability of the high court to oversee executive decisions.

The bill would prohibit courts, including the supreme court, from using the “reasonableness factor” in relation to decisions by the government, the prime minister, or government ministers. The standard of reason is a legal doctrine that allows courts to order the review or overturning of government decisions if they are deemed to be beyond the bounds of reason.

The adoption of the law symbolizes the first major changes in the Israeli judicial system since the start of judicial reform. The bill was passed despite the fact that the entire opposition boycotted the vote, which was an unprecedented event in Israeli political life.