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The Republican party at risk of tearing itself apart

The Republican party at risk of tearing itself apart

The Republicans have long waited for a chance to present a new gem with a fresh and broadly appealing conservative vision, the GOP instead is at the bleak and at risk of tearing itself apart as the GOP is fast moving into the primary season.

A day after a debate full of candidates throwing vile attacks at each other, immature exchange of word, these are one of the reasons former President George W. Bush was set to make a high-profile return to the national political scene. Republicans were struggling with their core beliefs on a host of issues, as well as the image of the party they were broadcasting to the country.

Can Trumps recent outbursts is changing the core belief of the conservative party

The party disagreement was ignited at the debate on Saturday night by the Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who was kept on with his criticism of both how well the 43rd president kept America safe before and after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and of hawkish Republican worldview in general.

The foreign policy disagreement is only the latest argument among 2016 candidates over many of the basic principle that have guided Republican and conservative perspective since the Reagan years, principles like free trade and the federal government should be involved in providing health care for its poorest citizens.

Trump sounded threats to use tariffs on imported goods to punish corporations that leave the United States, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich defended his decision to accept an expansion of Medicaid in his state as a humane step in line with conservative goals.

The high intensity of the harshness of the discussions and other issues brought about a prevailing crisis within the Republican Party and reflect the increasing influence of non-ideological, populist voters who have embraced in particular to Trump’s nationalist “Make America Great Again” message.

Trump was rigid and unapologetic, saying that he is a truth-teller and that the majority of Americans, weary of war, estranged by the political class and thirsting for a populist revival would heed his call.

“The war in Iraq has been a disaster,” Trump said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “It started the chain of events that leads now to the migration, maybe the destruction of Europe. [Bush] started the war in Iraq. Am I supposed to be a big fan?”