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The ruling coalition in Germany is on the verge of collapse due to refugees.

The ruling coalition in Germany is on the verge of collapse due to refugees.

Deputy Chairman of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) Wolfgang Kubicki allowed the collapse of the ruling coalition in Germany due to discussions around amendments to the law on refugees.

“If the Greens disrupt the vote on making minimal changes to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, it will cast doubt on the continuation of the ruling coalition. Because by doing so they are encouraging more and more people to turn away from the federal government’s policies and start question the competence of democratic institutions and their ability to solve problems,” Kubicki said.

In November, the German authorities decided that asylum seekers in Germany in the future will begin to receive benefits not in cash, but on bank cards, with which they will be able to make purchases only in a certain region, and when the balance reaches five thousand euros, the accrual of new funds will be suspended.

According to the authors of the initiative, this measure is intended to establish control over transactions carried out by refugees and limit the possibility of making transfers to their home countries.

The Green Party, a few days before the vote on the bill, called it discriminatory, but expressed its readiness to support it, subject to the right to registration for migrants without passports.
According to Kubika, the FDP is strongly opposed to the condition of registering refugees without passports and will be ready to leave the government if the draft law on the transfer of benefits is not adopted without additional conditions.