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The senator commented on the situation with the secret documents at Biden’s house.

The senator commented on the situation with the secret documents at Biden’s house.

US President Joe Biden’s behavior in keeping secret documents at home was “unacceptable,” said Democrat Dick Durbin, who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee of the US Congress.

Earlier it became known that during a search of Biden’s private home in Wilmington, Delaware, Justice Department officials found a new portion of secret documents, the third in a row.

Senator Durbin said that Biden has lost “a position of moral superiority” in relation to former President Donald Trump, around whom a similar scandal unfolded.

“When such documents are discovered, it reduces the credibility of any person who owns them, because this should not happen. Whether it was the fault of an employee or a lawyer does not matter. The elected official is ultimately responsible,” the head of the legal committee said.

Durbin described how carefully and responsibly he treats the work with documents. “To think that any of them (documents) can end up in a box and be stored anywhere is simply unacceptable,” he added.

American media previously reported that secret documents were found in Biden’s office at the think tank named after him in Washington. The materials, which date back to when Biden was vice president, were discovered by his confidants on the eve of the midterm elections in early November.

The White House acknowledged that Biden used these office spaces in Washington from 2017 to 2020. According to media reports, among the secret documents were intelligence data and materials from briefings about Ukraine, Iran and the UK, they are dated 2013-2016. Biden said that the find came as a surprise to him, and he knows nothing about the contents of the papers.

Later, the media reported that a second portion of secret documents had been found – Biden’s aides found them in the garage of his house in Wilmington. Later, five more pages of closed materials were added to this.