Today: Tuesday, 21 May 2024 year

The Sudanese RRF announced that they had taken control of the Khartoum airport.

The Sudanese RRF announced that they had taken control of the Khartoum airport.

The Sudanese Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) took control of the Khartoum International Airport as well as the air base in Merov, the paramilitaries said in a statement.

Today, it was reported that the sounds of battle are heard near the military camp of the Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

“The rapid reaction forces, defending themselves, inflicted heavy losses on the attacking forces and managed to take control of the airport and Merowe base. The aggressors were also expelled from the headquarters of the Soba camp, Khartoum airport was taken under control,” the SBR said.

In a statement released today, the RRF accused the country’s regular army of attacking its base in Khartoum with “the use of all types of weapons.”

It was also reported that Khartoum International Airport stopped receiving flights amid clashes between the Sudanese Rapid Reaction Force and the country’s regular army.

On Thursday night, the Sudanese army issued a sharp statement, noting that the deployment of the Rapid Reaction Force in Khartoum and some other cities “is illegal and took place without coordination and coordination with the Armed Forces.” The reason for the statement of the army, according to media reports, was the sudden deployment of RRF detachments near the airport in the city of Merove in the north of the country.

The Al-Arabiya TV channel also previously reported, citing sources, that the Sudanese army is also deploying units in Merow “in case of lack of security.” According to his sources, the Sudanese Armed Forces gave the RRF a certain amount of time to leave the city. In turn, the Rapid Reaction Forces themselves stated that their presence in Merov is part of the performance of their tasks and duties.

Forces for Freedom and Change, Sudan’s leading opposition movement, last week announced a new postponement of the signing of the final political agreement providing for the establishment of a transitional civilian authority in the country, due to a lack of consensus between the military parties.