Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

The Swiss Senate allowed the re-export of weapons to Ukraine.

The Swiss Senate allowed the re-export of weapons to Ukraine.

The Swiss Senate has supported an amendment allowing the re-export of Swiss weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, according to a statement on the parliament’s website.

“Countries buying Swiss military equipment should be allowed, under certain conditions, to re-export it to countries involved in armed conflicts. The Council of Cantons confirmed this position on Wednesday by 22 votes to 17, with four abstentions,” the release says.

It is noted that since some representatives of the left, centrists and the People’s Party voted against, the deputies of the National Council will have to return to this issue.

According to the draft, the transfer of Swiss military equipment from third countries may be allowed to the state involved in the conflict, if it uses “its right to self-defense in accordance with international law.”

“Buying countries will still have to sign a no-re-export declaration. But this period will be limited to five years for countries that share the values ​​of Switzerland and have a comparable export control regime. <…> The new provision will have retroactive effect,” the statement says.

In May, Swiss Permanent Representative to the UN Pascal Christine Beriswil said that the re-export of Swiss weapons to Ukraine is impossible without changing the law. Switzerland, referring to the principle of military neutrality, rejected requests from Germany, Spain and Denmark to re-export ammunition produced in the confederation to Ukraine.