Today: Monday, 4 March 2024 year

The U.S. government has launched a UFO agency website.

The U.S. government has launched a UFO agency website.

The US authorities launched a website created last year for the Office for the Study of Various Anomalous Flying Phenomena, it is designed to inform the public about the latest achievements in this area.

“Welcome to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website. It is comprised of experts who will lead the U.S. government’s Unidentified Flying Phenomena (UNF) efforts based on rigorous science and evidence. , previously it was customary to call an unidentified flying object, a UFO ),” the head of the department, founded in July 2022, Sean Kirkpatrick, said in a welcoming speech.

According to him, since its founding, the agency “has taken significant steps to improve data collection technology, standardize information collection requirements and reduce potential security threats that may pose NLF.” It is planned that the new site will be used to inform the public about the latest developments in the work of the department and to simplify the process of collecting information. Meanwhile, the website states that military pilots still have to report incidents of encounters with unidentified objects to their command, and civilian pilots to the air traffic control service, which in turn transmits the data to the Civil Aviation Administration from where they will go to AARO.

Now the new site has published several videos of “unsolved” cases of encounters with unidentified flying phenomena in the United States and beyond, and also announces the publication of a report on the work of the government on this topic.

Earlier in August, congressional hearings were held with a number of former US military and intelligence officers on the UFO problem and the government’s work with reports of them. One of the participants in the hearing claimed that the US government possessed not only the wreckage of the unidentified vehicles themselves, but probably the remains of the creatures to which they belong.