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The UK strain COVID-19 mutation now dominant in Vienna

The UK strain COVID-19 mutation now dominant in Vienna

The Austrian capital city’s health authorities confirmed that the UK mutation of covid-19 is now the dominant strain in Vienna.

According to the Austrian coronavirus crisis team, “the infection is spreading more and more,” while the British strain prevails as of Thursday. At least 55 percent of new cases in Vienna are from the B117 mutation first detected in Kent in 2020.

Additionally, there are ten active cases of the South African variant in the Austrian capital city. The numbers in Vienna represent more than a fifth of the 2391 new cases recorded across the country.

Austria’s regions to strict health protocol

On Wednesday, a primary school in Hietzing was forced to close as a consequence of a British mutation cluster. Meanwhile, a village of Mayrhofen in Zillertal was sealed off after 29 cases of the South African COVID-19 mutation were found there.

All residents will be tested twice using a PCR test between Friday and Wednesday.

Schools will remain closed and switch to distance learning. Shops will also close apart from grocery stores, pharmacies and drug stores.

Police controls should ensure compliance with the new health protocol.