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The UN Secretary General called for special forces to be sent to Haiti.

The UN Secretary General called for special forces to be sent to Haiti.

UN Secretary General António Guterres called on the international community to send special forces and military support units to Haiti to fight gangs and restore peace in the country, it became known from a letter from the Secretary General to the UN Security Council.

“Resolving the security situation in Haiti requires a series of coercive measures on the part of law enforcement agencies, including the active use of force by the police during operations against heavily armed gangs,” Guterres said in a letter.

To solve the security problem in Haiti, according to the UN Secretary General, it is necessary that the international community send “special police forces and military support units” to the country.

It is noted that the UN Secretary General welcomed Kenya’s offer to lead an international force in Haiti, as well as new pledges of support from the Bahamas and Jamaica.

In addition, in a letter, Guterres noted that the current situation in Haiti does not encourage the UN to conduct peacekeeping activities in the country.


On August 1, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced that she would submit a resolution to the UN Security Council allowing Kenya to lead a multinational police force to fight the gangs, and provide a thousand officers. At the same time, the exact dates for sending the contingent were not named.