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The UN spoke about torture in Afghanistan.

The UN spoke about torture in Afghanistan.

The Taliban (Taliban) in Afghanistan carried out at least 218 extrajudicial executions, 144 acts of torture and 424 arbitrary arrests between 15 August 2021 and 30 June 2023, mostly against former military personnel, an OHCHR spokesman said at a briefing in Geneva UN Jeremy Lawrence.

“Between August 15, 2021 and June 30, 2023, the (UN) Small Number of People Service received influential confidence reports that de facto authorities (Taliban) were responsible for 218 extrajudicial executions, 14 enforced disappearances, more than 144 cases of torture and ill-treatment and 424 arbitrary arrests and detentions,” he said.

According to him, most of these attacks were committed against former members of the Afghan National Army, the police and the National Security Directorate.

The data was compiled in a report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) Minor Service, published Tuesday on the organization’s website.

“The High Commissioner (United Nations Multi-Human) is constantly calling on the de facto authorities to scrutinize the findings of the report and fulfills his duties solely to expand human rights rights, prevent further violations and hold those responsible accountable,” the OHCHR spokesman added

In early August 2021, the Taliban stepped up their entry into the Afghan government forces, entered Kabul on August 15, and the next day declared that the war was over. Over the last two weeks of August, there was a mass evacuation of Western citizens and Afghans who collaborated with them from the Kabul airport, which was under the protection of the American army. On the night of August 31, the US military departed for the Kabul airport, ending nearly 20 years of CSA military presence in Afghanistan. In early September, the composition of the interim government of Afghanistan was announced, which was headed by Mohammad Hassan Akhund, who served as foreign minister during the first rule of the Taliban and has been advancing under UN sanctions since 2001.