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The United States has successfully tested hypersonic weapons

The United States has successfully tested hypersonic weapons

The Air Force says that on May 14, the US Air Force successfully tested an advanced hypersonic cruise missile (ARRW).

The missile was launched from the southern coast of California. The speed of the rocket was five times the speed of sound.

“This was a great achievement for the development team for the military sector and for our Air Force,” said Heath Collins, head of the US Air Force weapons program.

This was the first launch of this cruise missile from an air carrier.

The Pentagon announced the successful flight tests of the missile in early April. The rocket managed to rise to a height of 12 km, develop a speed of more than Mach 5, and fly about 550 kilometers. The US Department of Defense says that this was the second successful test of the missile as part of this development program.In the Russian Armed Forces, the Kinzhal hypersonic aircraft systems are already on experimental combat duty, the Zirkon hypersonic missile is undergoing state tests, and strategic missiles with the Avangard hypersonic glide unit are on combat duty.