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The US Congress called the rise in gasoline prices disastrous for Biden and Democrats

The US Congress called the rise in gasoline prices disastrous for Biden and Democrats

Record gas prices and rising inflation in the United States could be detrimental to the administration of US President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress. Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) stated this assessment.

According to Gooden, the Biden administration “refuses to take responsibility” for rising inflation and high gasoline prices in the country.

“They blame Russia, they blame the gas and oil companies,” the congressman said.

In his opinion, the situation can change for the better only if, according to the results of the midterm elections to the US Congress, which will be held in November, representatives of the Republican Party receive a majority in both chambers.

“The people of the United States are fed up, and the president is pointing the finger at everyone but himself, although he should get down to business, take responsible steps and change course,” the legislator said.


I think that high gasoline prices will be fatal for him in the period leading up to the midterm elections,” the Republican continued. There is little that can help Democrats keep control of Congress in the upcoming elections, he said. “I think Americans would appreciate as a first step if the Biden administration acknowledged that it is making mistakes,” Gooden said, noting that the main problem of the current American leadership is “unwillingness to take responsibility” for economic problems.

The US midterm elections will be held in November. They will elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 34 senators. Currently, Democrats occupy the majority of seats in the lower house of Congress, and parity has been established in the Senate: each of the two parties holds 50 seats. Former US President Donald Trump has previously expressed the opinion that the Republican Party in the 2022 elections will be able to take control of the House of Representatives, and Democrats, including the current US President Joe Biden, will face a political collapse.