Today: Sunday, 3 March 2024 year

The US does not plan to involve allies in response to the attack on the base in Jordan.

The US does not plan to involve allies in response to the attack on the base in Jordan.

The United States does not intend to involve allies in a future response to the attack against its base in Jordan, since it was American troops who died there, White House strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said.

“We are focusing on the US response to the killed US service members,” he told reporters at a briefing in response to a question whether US officials intend to involve allies or want to act independently.

According to Kirby, Washington is preparing to respond to the attack, but is not seeking to start a military conflict with Iran.

US Central Command previously reported that an attack was carried out on a US base in northeast Jordan on Sunday. The command reported the death of three US military personnel, and the Pentagon noted that more than 40 people were injured. The Americans blamed Iran-linked groups in the region for the raid on a military facility on Jordan’s border with Syria. The White House promised to respond to an attack against its military in the Middle East. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in turn, noted that the response could be “multi-level, occur in stages and be maintained over time.”

US President Joe Biden has ordered the development of measures in response to the attack by pro-Iranian groups, as Washington believes, on an American military base in Jordan, Politico newspaper previously reported, citing sources. The publication noted that the Pentagon is considering several options: attacks on the Iranian naval forces in the Persian Gulf or the Iranian military in Iraq or Syria. The newspaper’s sources suggested that if Biden approves the corresponding decision, “response measures” will most likely be expected in the “next couple of days,” and several targets will be attacked at once.