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The US Is Getting ‘El Chapo’

The US Is Getting ‘El Chapo’

The world’s leading drug warlord is now in the custody of his country’s law enforcement, however this time around the man known as ‘El Chapo’ may find himself behind bars in the US, if the US gets its way.

Joaquin Guzman Loera was re-captured by Mexican authorities after being on the run after another jail break. Loera, known worldwide as El Chapo is something of both folk hero and renegade crime lord, responsible for massive amounts of illegal drugs, widescale murders, bribery, intimidation, kidnappings, and more. Loera has for years been the biggest thorn in the side of both the US and Mexican authorities as his power and money kept him from capture, and even while in custody in Mexico, he was able to escape a second time.

He’d been on the run for a while with just about everyone looking for him. This time, however, he may not stay in Mexico but be extradited to the US where it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever see the light of day again. This would be a boon for President Obama as well as law enforcement. Having Loera in a US prison under maximum security means he’d not be able to run his criminal empire from his cell like he could do in Mexico. He’d be tried and convicted and sentenced right in America and sent to a maximum security facility where he would be under lock and key 23 hours a day. Not the kind of lifestyle for a man accustomed to luxury.

What will happen to his empire is unknown. The US will undoubtedly want to grill him to find out his secrets as well as to who his American collaborators are. His empire stretches to every nook and cranny of the North American territory and his capture probably won’t cause his empire to dismantle as the infrastructure is so solid.

The 2016 election is going to focus on crime. Should Mexico finally extradite Loera to the US it would be a huge feather in the cap of President Barack Obama. Obama and the Democrats could use this extradition as an example of how effective the Democrats engage in versus the Republicans.

The Republicans on the other hand will continue to try to undermine any victory that could be credited to President Obama, and that might turn into the Republicans stepping in and trying to block or undermine the extradition. If that occurs there’s going to be a fight like never before seen.

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