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The US may be on the verge of civil war due to growing distrust of democracy

The US may be on the verge of civil war due to growing distrust of democracy

The growing distrust of political institutions in the United States indicates that the country may be on the verge of a new internal conflict.

Dr. Garen Wintemute, founder of the California Gun Violence Research Center, used to scoff at warnings about an impending American Civil War and call them “crazy talk.”

However, he was “stunned” by the results of a poll conducted in July, according to which half of Americans expect a civil war in the next few years, and one in five US residents believe that political violence is justified in some circumstances. In addition, up to 40 percent of Americans said having a strong leader is more important than remaining a democracy.

Civil conflict specialist Rachel Kleinfeld told the publication that the survey results were “alarming.” She stressed that the political system in the United States does not guarantee that violent conflict cannot occur in the country.

“If our institutions weaken, history may be different,” she said.

According to her, this indicates that the people of the United States “are very disappointed with our democracy and do not think that it works.” At the same time, Kleinfeld added that she was “not optimistic” on this issue.

According to a study conducted by American scientists from the University of California, more than half of US citizens expect a civil war in the coming years. According to the publication, every fifth American is ready to use weapons to achieve political goals. Two-thirds of respondents speak of a serious threat to American democracy.