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The US Navy fired five officers from the service within a week

The US Navy fired five officers from the service within a week

The US Navy has announced five officer resignations. So, the commander of the destroyer USS Preble, Peter Lesaka, was relieved of his post due to “loss of confidence in his ability to command.”

Naval Headquarters did not release details of the senior officer’s dismissal to the press, but noted that the Navy maintains high standards of personal and professional conduct. The same standards apply to officers at all levels, emphasize the command of the Navy.

After the commander’s resignation, his duties will be carried out by Captain Larry Repass, who serves as deputy commander of the 23rd destroyer squadron. He will remain acting until the arrival of a new commander appointed by the Naval Headquarters.

Earlier on June 11, the US Navy fired Captain Jeffrey Sandin, who commanded the Recruit Training Unit. The wording is still the same – “loss of confidence in their ability to command.” True, the officer was not asked from the fleet, but was transferred to the headquarters of the training command of the naval forces. For now, Sandin’s duties will be carried out by Captain Kertrek Brooks, Chief of Staff of the US Naval Training Command.

On June 10, the US Navy released officers from the command of the destroyer USS Bulkeley Cmdr. So, the commander of the ship Devine Johnson and the senior master Earl Sanders left their positions. Temporarily, the duties of the destroyer commander will be performed by Captain William Harkin, deputy commander of the 2nd destroyer squadron. Sanders will be replaced by Chief Petty Officer Christy Reid. Sami Johnson and Sanders will move to the headquarters of the command of the surface forces of the US Navy in the Atlantic.

Finally, Commander Matthew McCormin, who was the commander of the 137th EW Squadron of the US Navy Aviation, was fired from his post. It was also written about him that he lost confidence in his ability to command. The officer was transferred to the electronic warfare unit at the Whidbey Island Naval Base in Washington state. Instead of McCormin, the squadron will be commanded for the time being by its senior officer, Commander Scott Maines.

Resignations in the US Navy, as in any other branch of the armed forces of any country in the world, are commonplace. But such a “starfall” of senior officers over the course of one week cannot but raise questions about the processes taking place in the US Navy and naval aviation.