Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

The US Senate will hold debates on a bill to help Ukraine and Israel.

The US Senate will hold debates on a bill to help Ukraine and Israel.

The US Senate voted to begin debate on a bill to help Ukraine and Israel.

A sufficient number of legislators voted to begin debate on the foreign aid bill, according to a C-Span broadcast. At the same time, the issue of starting a discussion of a bill only on funds for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan without appropriations for protecting the US border was brought up for consideration.

The US Senate previously introduced a bill that combined the allocation of money for border security and assistance to Ukraine and Israel. In total, the bill proposes to allocate $118.28 billion, of which $60.06 billion is to support Kyiv. At the same time, it is planned to spend three times less on border security – $20.2 billion. President Joe Biden expressed support for the bill and called on Congress to pass it as soon as possible.

The proposed bill drew harsh criticism from Republican politicians. As former US President Donald Trump said, only a fool or a radical leftist Democrat would vote for the “monstrous” bill presented by the US Senate.

One of the innovations of the project, for example, is that the US border will be closed to migrants when the number of illegal immigrants exceeds five thousand per day for a week.

Disputes over measures to protect against illegal migrants are delaying the release of new aid to Kyiv, funds for it have dried up, the United States announced the latest arms package for Ukraine in December, and is now finalizing previously signed contracts.