Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

The White House called on Republicans to stop trying to impeach Biden.

The White House called on Republicans to stop trying to impeach Biden.

The White House called on Republicans to stop “their attempts” to initiate the impeachment of US President Joe Biden, the New York Times reports, citing a letter from White House adviser Edward Siskel to US House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Earlier, Punchbowl, citing members of the Republican Party of the American Congress, reported that the Republican investigation in the US House of Representatives into the impeachment of the current president lacks an evidence base, and the congressmen themselves talk about the need to complete it.

“Obviously, it’s time to move on… This impeachment is over. Americans have too much important work to do to continue wasting time on this farce… The investigation continually found only new evidence that the president actually did nothing wrong.” – the publication says with reference to the letter.

According to the publication, Siskel in his letter criticized Republicans for trying to re-examine witnesses who had already testified, “perhaps hoping that the facts would be different the second time.”

The New York Times notes that Republicans in the House of Representatives intend to continue the investigation against the president, but admit that it is unlikely to lead to a vote on Biden’s impeachment.

The publication also says that Republicans may, as a symbolic step, call on the US Department of Justice to investigate Biden or those around him.

The Republican-led House of Representatives is conducting a formal investigation into Biden and his family. In fact, the case has been considered in three House committees for several months, with congressmen collecting evidence of corruption and abuse of power. It is expected that following the investigation, the House Judiciary Committee may initiate the impeachment of the current president.