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The White House does not plan to evacuate Americans from Niger.

The White House does not plan to evacuate Americans from Niger.

The United States does not yet plan to evacuate its citizens from Niger, does not see them threatened because of the situation in the country, White House strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said on Tuesday.

“We do not see any signs of direct threats to US citizens or our facilities. And therefore, we have not changed our position regarding the presence in Niger at the present time,” he told reporters when asked about Washington’s possible plans to evacuate its citizens. Kirby added that the US authorities continue to “hourly” monitor the situation in the African country.

Kirby noted that the US is not ready to “speculate” about a potential military solution to the conflict in Niger.

“We still believe there is a window of opportunity for diplomacy, and that’s where we’re focusing right now,” Kirby said, adding that the diplomatic window is gradually narrowing. He reiterated that the US does not see any signs of Russian interference in events in Niger.

In addition, Kirby said that the US has 1,000 troops in Niger. “There are no decisions to use them in evacuation activities of other countries, and there are no decisions to deploy additional forces … for these purposes,” he said at a briefing. Kirby also added that there are no plans yet to withdraw the contingent from the country.