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The White House is infested with cockroaches and ants

The White House is infested with cockroaches and ants

The White House urgently needs more basic repairs but even more, it needs the attention of the pest control team, which is able to get rid of mice, cockroaches and ants, NBC Washington reported.

The legendary White House has many rooms for the official meetings, wide corridors, lobbies and kitchen premises but all of them are full of ants and roaches. The old building is infested with mice as well, mice cropped up in the Situation Room and the Navy Mess kitchen, which might help explain President Trump’s decision to opt for Mickey D’s instead of a White House meal.

Hundreds of White House work orders show the administration made a host of requests to fight the infestation, along with asking for some more basic repairs. All these unhealthy details make the upcoming Christmas in the White House really ugly. According to the internal reports, at least four cockroach infestations on the White House grounds and asked maintenance workers to wipe out a colony of ants that had settled in the chief of staff’s office.

Dead mouses in the White House

For Melania Trump, Christmas at the White House will be a nightmare, none winter season decoration is able to get rid of mice or cockroach. In a wintertime, these creatures feel good in the warm and old building, which Donald Trump reportedly called the place “a real dump” last summer.

The maintenance crew reportedly got to work setting mouse traps outside of Vice President Mike Pence’s office and in the West Wing’s basement, according to the New York Daily News, and they apparently got the job done. A follow-up request asked the White House’s landscape crew “to check all the traps in the West Wing… because they’re smelling something funky or [a] dead mouse.”

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