Today: Monday, 27 May 2024 year

There is a writers’ strike in the US.

There is a writers’ strike in the US.

Screenwriters will go on strike Tuesday in the US because they have not reached an agreement with film studios to improve working conditions.

Earlier, CNN reported that American screenwriters were threatening to go on strike, which could lead to a halt in the production of new television programs, series and films if their demands for better working conditions and higher pay are not met by Tuesday. The 2020 contract between the Writers Guild of America and the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which includes industry giants Amazon, Apple, CBS, Disney, NBC Universal, Netflix, Paramount Global, Sony and Warner Bros., expires Tuesday.

More than 750 pages of agreement stipulates not only the minimum wage for the scriptwriters, who are united by the guild, which is actually a trade union, but also all the legal issues associated with their work.

It will be the first strike in 15 years since labor deal talks with Hollywood studios broke down.

It is noted that members of the guild during the strike will cease to perform the duties of screenwriters, but they can engage in producing and directing.