Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

There were clashes at the protests in Chisinau.

There were clashes at the protests in Chisinau.

Local clashes between representatives of the Moldovan opposition and a group of aggressive people took place in the center of Chisinau, where protests are taking place.

Several men moved towards the demonstrators as they approached the parliament. The provocateurs freely passed by the police and attacked the demonstrators standing in the forefront with their fists.

Now the action is going smoothly again. Traffic through the center of Chisinau is blocked, passing along the adjacent streets is difficult.

On Thursday, supporters and representatives of the opposition Shor party continue the “Movement for the People” protest rally, which calls on the authorities to pay the population’s gas, electricity and heating bills.


Mass opposition protests began in Moldova last spring. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of energy resources, debts for utilities increased among the population. According to experts, in Chisinau gas debts of ordinary consumers have increased seven times since last November.