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Theresa May: £40 million fund to prevent homelessness in UK

Theresa May: £40 million fund to prevent homelessness in UK

Theresa May planned to prevent the homelessness with an additional fund, she has unveiled a £40 million package designed to intervening to help individuals and families before they end up on the streets. The government policy regarding the homelessness should be shifted, decided Mrs May.

Theresa May and the government is going to reduce the quantity of people in the UK, which are living on the streets. With the help of £40 million, the Prime Minister intends to prevent homelessness in UK.

According to Mrs May, the shift in government policy should focus away from dealing with the consequences of homelessness. The prevention of homelessness is the big issue, that approach is “at the heart” of the Prime Minister’s scheme.

Earlier this year it was revealed that under David Cameron’s administration homelessness among English households had risen by 54 per cent since 2010. And according to a report, released by the Department for Communities and Local Government, there were 57,750 acceptances in financial year 2015-16 – a rise from 54,430 (6 per cent) from 2014-15.

The statistical data says that Manchester, Newcastle and the London borough of Southwark are to be the first “homeless prevention trailblazer” areas in a £20 million May’s programme.

Rick Henderson, chief executive of homeless link, said, at first glance, the new initiative “looks promising”. He added:

“It is vital that resources are assigned to preventing homelessness and relieving its root causes, reducing the need for fire-fighting once the damage has been done. A focus on ending street homelessness and addressing the complex needs of entrenched rough sleepers is also hugely welcome.