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Theresa May was accused in the misuse of information

Theresa May was accused in the misuse of information

Theresa May lost the lawsuit that was instituted against her by the Brexit Secretary David Davis. The politician and his supporters proved that British Prime Minister’s Snooper’s Charter was unlawful.

This document gave officials access to the information about phone conversations and internet activity of all British citizens. It was a part of Mrs. May’s temporary law Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act that would expire at the end of 2016. But the bill could be replaced by the similar act that was passed by the Parliament last month.

The group that took Mrs. May to the EU court also included Tom Watson from the Labour party. The institution ruled Prime Minister’s acts are unlawful because the processed information is stored and used in general, indiscriminate way. Watson called the IPA an example of the careless work of the Parliament that passed a law in a rush and without a deep review.

The rise of the terroristic threat makes security forces to look for new ways to review letters and other types of data. However, critics believe these attempts shouldn’t trench on personal life without a serious reason. This is the position of Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, who supported Davis’s initiative. She believes UK people have right to live without a fear that someone will spy over their personal lives, and government should make legislative changes to suit these requirements.

Theresa May refused to uncover new plans over EU immigration

The only thing Mrs. May told MP Yvette Cooper during their cross talk was the phrase “When we feel it is appropriate to give any indications of those details then we will do so.”

The Prime Minister repeated the answer when asked by Ms Cooper, who also chairs the Home Affairs Committee, if that means details of new controls may not come as part of Ms May’s plan.

Ms May then did not challenge Ms Cooper when she said she would assume, in that case, that details of migration controls would not be published with the plan.

Net migration into the UK is currently running above 300,000, with much of the figure coming from the European Union. Ms May has maintained the promise to bring the overall number down to the ‘tens of thousands’.