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Theresa May and her plans on expansion Heathrow airport

Theresa May and her plans on expansion Heathrow airport

Theresa May didn’t reveal her plans on Heathrow airport, but the public opinion in the UK against the third line. Greenpeace appeals to stop heating the planet up, and four councils have written to Prime Minister Theresa May in a bid to stop Heathrow expansion, too.

Theresa May as a Prime Minister should decide, whether Heathrow will have the third line. Her predecessor David Cameron, said clear and loud: ‘No ifs, no buts’ regarding the expansion. According to Cameron, there would be no third runway. What shall Theresa May say in this regards?

The issue of Heathrow’s possible expansion has been widely speculated the Government recent days. Heathrow will back the plans in the next two weeks, and The South London Partnership made the case to Mrs May for expanding Gatwick Airport instead.


In comparison with Heathrow, Gatwick airport would have lower environmental impacts, lower taxpayer costs and fewer legal barriers. Fighting for this option, Cllr Alambritis said:

“One thing in particular on which we want to contribute is ensuring the transport links to Gatwick and connectivity more widely, including into our area, central London and with other key corridors, are developed to support the full potential of airport expansion.

Many MPs don’t want to make Heathrow the most polluting and worst located airport n Europe.