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Theresa May to human traffickers: ‘We are coming after you’

Theresa May to human traffickers: ‘We are coming after you’

Theresa May is very concerned with the intensifying of the human trafficking in the Great Britain. This Wednesday, the Prime Minister vowed to put the UK at the forefront of global efforts to eradicate modern slavery, the British PM is warning human traffickers to stop their dirty inhuman business as well.

Theresa May called for a greater urgency in tackling a borderless crime affecting an estimated 46 million people worldwide and generating $150 billion in illegal profits a year. The PM told human traffickers ‘We are coming after you.’

“We will work tirelessly, relentlessly pursuing the perpetrators of these appalling crimes so that victims of slavery can go free.”

The UK last year renewed its legislation, the country passed tough anti-slavery legislation introducing life sentences for traffickers and forcing companies to disclose what they are doing to make sure their supply chains are free from slavery. ‘We are coming after you,’ said Theresa May to human traffickers.

UK and human trafficking: facts and figures

The statistical data regarding the human trafficking shows very sad figures. Last month, May pledged to use £33.5 million (US$42 million) from the foreign aid budget to focus on combating slavery in countries which victims are known to be trafficked to Britain, where an estimated 11,700 people are enslaved.

Kevin Hyland, Britain’s first independent anti-slavery commissioner, called for increased partnership between governments, civil societies and the private sector to tackle the root cause of slavery:

“(From) the children working the mines of the Congo labouring to produce cobalt for smartphone batteries, the Nigerian girls raped and trafficked across the Sahara to work as sex slaves, (to) the eastern European men exploited in shocking conditions in car washes across the UK.”