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Theresa May should work on minimizing Brexit’s consequences

Theresa May should work on minimizing Brexit’s consequences

Theresa May plans to unveil major Brexit strategies during her speech on Tuesday. Sources believe British Prime Minister chose a hard leaving strategy, and think she supposed to work on minimizing consequences of the referendum instead of it.

Specifically, Hard Brexit is treated as a potential threat for the Good Friday Agreement, which goal was to deal with the conflict in Northern Ireland. Representative of the opposition Colum Eastwood believes May’s attempts to leave the European Union make British government to ignore interests of the region. His comments followed the dissolution of parliament after Sinn Fein withdrew from joint rule at Stormont.

Speaking to The Independent, Mr Eastwood said: “Our institutions and our Good Friday Agreement are under threat because of Brexit… we think it will be hugely damaging to the peace process in Northern Ireland. I’m not convinced that the British Government are all too concerned about that.”

Prime Minister’s support of the Hard Brexit worries British citizens too. In the opinion article in The Guardian Peter Mandelson mentioned that leaving the European single market will damage country’s economy. Consequences can be less severe, if Britain will enter the European Economic Area, as Norway did. But the author said May is against this step; as a supporter of the Hard Brexit, she apparently promotes the idea of leaving the single market as a part of breaking ties with the EU. May propose to help British economy with new free trade deals, but Mandelson highlights such agreements will never be free and will have negative consequences for the country. Specifically, he mentioned a deal that was proposed by the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. While the author doubts the agreement will help British trade, it can have a positive impact on countries’ relations.

Theresa May gave Trump a copy of the Churchill’s speech

Prime Minister could pursue the same goal when she chose the Christmas present for the American president-elect. It was a copy of her predecessor’s historic speech to Americans on Christmas Eve 1941.

“To mark this special time of year, I wanted to share with you this gift marking a Christmas-time address to the American people from perhaps the most famous British-American, Winston Churchill,” May wrote in a letter to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.