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Thomas Markle: ‘I’ll travel to Britain to see my daughter whether I’m invited or not’

Thomas Markle: ‘I’ll travel to Britain to see my daughter whether I’m invited or not’

Thomas Markle believes his daughter is unhappy in Palace, that’s why he is going to travel to the UK to see his Meghan at any price, Daily reported on Monday. The 73-year-old who lives in Mexico said he wanted to see the Duchess and said he did not care if she was angry with him for his earlier interviews.

Thomas Markle is continuing to give the interviews despite his appearance on TV and tabloids makes Duchess Meghan very angry. Despite embarrassing his royal daughter with their family’s secrets, Mr Markle aid he was considering a trip to England to see Meghan whether or not he is invited by Kensington Palace.

Duchess Meghan’s father said his daughter is smiling through the pain and pressure of being part of the Royal Family and is struggling to make the switch from a vivacious TV actress to a ‘prim’ public figure. He is gushing over his daughter’s sad smile despite she is an adult person who knew perfectly the scale of her life’s changes after joining The Firm.

The tearful 73-year-old Thomas claimed he could ‘see her pain in her smile’ and was worried the 36-year-old woman is being stifled by her demanding royal duties. Mr Markle added in his recent interview the Duchess of Sussex is trying to mask her stress as she attends public events and is ‘terrified’ of the expectations placed on her shoulders by an ‘outdated’ and ‘asinine’ Royal Family.

The ex-Hollywood lighting director’s comments follow a series of embarrassing gaffes since he was thrust into the spotlight by his daughter’s engagement – dubbed the ‘Markle Debacle’. In a controversial TV interview, Meghan’s father said he warned Prince Harry never to beat Meghan and lamented he had become a ‘footnote’ in history after missing the wedding.

Two months after the royal wedding, Mr Markle has revealed he is worried for his daughter, telling The Sun on Sunday:

‘I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile. I’ve seen her smile for years. I know her smile. I don’t like the one I’m seeing now… This is a pained smile.’

Meghan Markle’s press secretary preferred to avoid any comments on Thomas Markle’s TV appearances.