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Thousands of people take part in protests against rising prices in Vienna

Thousands of people take part in protests against rising prices in Vienna

Several thousand people take part in a protest against rising prices in Vienna.

The Vienna police declined to name the number of protesters, citing the fact that they do not plan to voice these figures. The department added that at the moment the action is taking place peacefully. Earlier, the Austrian trade union federation said it expects up to 10,000 people to take to the streets of Vienna to protest soaring inflation and rising costs of living.

Participants in the rally, which will then turn into a procession through the center of Vienna, hold posters: “No – companies’ windfall profits from electricity and rent“, “Prices are lower!”, “No petrol price caps – energy consumption guarantees“. Representatives of trade unions and public organizations who spoke from the stage demanded a change in government policy, guarantees of social rights for citizens, intervention in market mechanisms in order to prevent super-profits of large companies against the backdrop of an energy crisis.

“We go to the store regularly and can’t help but see how prices are skyrocketing. This is a shame for the government. Our salaries are not rising, and our authorities pretend that they are fighting inflation, promising to distribute 100 euros to pensioners. Austria is one of the most wealthy countries, but unemployment benefits have not been raised for years. It’s time to change all that,” said an unnamed rally participant.

Reinforced police detachments are on duty at the place of the action, the street along which the demonstration will take place is blocked off.

Earlier, the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) announced a demonstration on September 17 in all federal states, protesting against inflation and rising energy and food prices. Tens of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets across the country.

The current increase in inflation poses great challenges for a large part of the Austrians, Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig said on Twitter. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said he shares the concerns of the protesters due to rising prices.