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Thousands of Swiss could get ‘cannabis licence’

Thousands of Swiss could get ‘cannabis licence’

The Swiss government makes important steps towards cannabis legalization. As The Local Switzerland understood, citizens could get ‘cannabis licence’ soon to be able to receive a small amount of cannabis every month, including edibles.

Swiss MPs are working under legalizing of marijuana, for smoking and for eating. But the government stressed any trials would be strictly controlled, and that is very hard to realize. Those of Swiss who will get ‘cannabis licence’ would have to be aged 18 years and over and would have to already be using the drug. They would also have to be resident in the municipality where a trial was being carried out.

On Thursday, the government vote for support of scientific trials into the impact of marijuana use on public health and safety. Switzerland is a progressive modern country, which looks at how to regulate the drug’s use in future. Meanwhile, the media have tagged legal marijuana a Sweed.

According to the preliminary plan, thousands of people could ‘legally’ receive a small amount of cannabis every month while participating in those scientific trials. The granted ‘cannabis ID’ would be forbidden from passing the drug on, or reselling it. The number of participants in any single study would also be capped at 5,000 while the maximum study duration would be five years.

Up to date, Swiss consumption of cannabis containing up to one percent tetrahydrocannabinol is legal. This is higher than the amount allowed in most of Europe but still not enough to get you high. Anything stronger is illegal.