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Thousands rally in Sudan against military coup

Thousands rally in Sudan against military coup

The Sudanese protesters continued on Monday to march against the October military coup. The protest action led to the next spiral of arrests, as authorities released some of those held, Reuters reports. The latest demonstrations came one day after UN human rights expert Adama Dieng arrived on his first official visit to Sudan.

Over the months, thousands of Sudanese people protest against the military coup and the call for civilian rule. In October, the military took over the power in the impoverished northeast African nation. Following the coup, a deadly crackdown is shaking the country after the power grab led by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

The October coup became Sudan’s latest and sparked wide international condemnation and cuts in aid. According to media reports, at least 82 people have been killed, many of them shot dead, and hundreds wounded by security forces. The latest fatality came on Sunday, the medics said.

Commenting on the recent arrests of the activists, a group of anti-coup lawyers said that the number of people detained “has exceeded 200”. As the statement reads, some had been ordered released. Multiple political figures and pro-democracy activists are among those who have been detained.

Sudan: activists called on the military “to go back to the barracks”

Security forces in the capital Khartoum fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters who tried to rally outside the presidential palace, where the ruling Sovereign Council is based along the Nile River, an AFP correspondent said.

The demonstrations take place throughout Sudan, and the protesters called on the military “to go back to the barracks” in the city of Wad Madani, south of Khartoum. In another place, the activists chanted “Civilian is the people’s choice”.

Demonstrators also marched to rally outside a government building in the Red Sea city of Port Sudan but security forces blocked their route with tear gas.

Meantime, the UN human rights expert Adama Dieng is scheduled to meet with senior Sudanese officials and rights defenders.

The October coup derailed a transition to full civilian rule negotiated between military and civilian leaders following the 2019 ouster of strongman president Omar al-Bashir.