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Tillerson: Trump wants me to fix US-Russia relations

Tillerson: Trump wants me to fix US-Russia relations

Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday that Donald Trump asked him to do his best to fix the relations between US and Russia.

The improvement ties with Moscow becomes the priority for the Secretary of State, this news undoubtedly made happy many US diplomats. On Tuesday, Rex Tillerson informed on the new task of the U.S. diplomatic corps. While FBI Russia probe looking at Kushner role, Donald Trump ordered to improve the Moscow-Washington DC relations.

Tillerson wouldn’t comment on the ongoing US probes of Russian meddling in the 2016 election “because I have no direct knowledge,” he said during an eight-hour visit to New Zealand, where he met Prime Minister Bill English.

Rex Tillerson current tasks

According to Mr Tillerson, President Trump sees Russia as an important “global player” and wants Secretary of State to focus on stabilising and improving the US-Russia ties to avoid further deterioration of the diplomatic partnership.

“The President has been clear to me: Do not let what’s happening over here in the political realm prevent you from the work you need to do in this relationship,” 

Tillerson told reporters in Wellington during his short official visit.

The President believes that improvement of the diplomatic relation will mutually useful for both countries, especially in the light of collusion with Russia by members of Trump’s camp to influence the presidential election.