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ToAZ upgrades internal railroad structure

ToAZ upgrades internal railroad structure

Togliattizot (ToAZ) has summed up the intermediate results of the ongoing large-scope project for modernization of its internal railroad infrastructure.

According to ToAZ press release, the modernization project includes technological re-equipment of the transport depot and renewal of over 47 km of the internal tracks.

The project has been under work since 2015. This year the investments totaled 208 million rubles.

Last year the company renewed the railroad and repair depot and started the implementation of an advanced cistern cleansing system. All the projects are aimed at improving the performance of Togliattizot. According to the company, as a result of technical re-equipment of the railroad depot and renewal of the rolling stock in 2015,  the volume of ToAZ cargo turnover through the plant railroad station Azotnaya was 1, 650,000 tons.

Besides already implemented measures, the company will perform capital repairs of three tracks-in-use and eight track switches at the ToAZ railroad body at Khimzavodskaya station (Togliatti). Over 4 km of renewed track are to be put into operation in the fall of 2016.

Also, ToAZ has practically completed the construction of the second railroad weighbridge of the plant internal track No. 5. The design works on the cleaning point for chemical cisterns used to transport the company’s products are under way.

The following significant step will be capital repairs of the main section of the plant internal tracks equipped with end-faces and trestle approaches for end products loading, track switches and crossings.

‘In the recent years, we have been actively reinforcing our rail facilities,’ Igor Grishin, Deputy CEO, Director of Commerce of Togliattiazot Corporation, commented.

‘Large-scale changes and improvements involve both the rolling stock, which is growing from year to year, and the entire railroad structure.’

The fulfillment of the tasks at hand will increase the company’s volumes of end product delivery and bring the rail segment to a new quality level.