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Tom Cruise runs, showers, canes, shoots and runs and runs

Tom Cruise runs, showers, canes, shoots and runs and runs

The world is complicated, even in the case of the military police of the United States, where actually everything is clearly regulated by law should be. In the world of Ex-Majors, Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise,54, “Eyes wide shut”, “Top Gun”) since Leaving the army just Now.

A task is fulfilled, holding up the single fighter on the thumb on the next road and the vehicle that will take him, cruising into the sunset. Too Much Cliché? Then hold on tight well be inclined reader: Welcome to the life of the all-rounder Jack Reacher. Reacher, an Ex-serviceman is happy to give generous tips to his successor in the military police. For example, if something stinks in the land, such as the trade with the migrants in Granznähe to Mexico. Reacher makes the corrupt Sheriff. The whole of enpassant. Of course, the Cruise Style: pithy, tight-lipped, efficient.

Reacher is the all-rounder, the Lonesome Major in the army so that he and Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders, 34, “How I Met Your Mother”) on the phone. Always sounds like a complement of mating dance, when the two talk, and it is also all the platitudes to be shipped, but more and more displays of affection between the lines, it will not give.

In the parallel world of the US army, there are good and bad people. The good man, Major Susan Turner, on the device under the suspicion of secrets betrayed and ends up in military prison. Just at the Moment where a super-hero Jack Reacher a courtesy visit to the office visit would like. This looks like a new job for Jack. He frees Major Turner from the high-security prison, and from the initial escape, the tables are turned and a hunting.

There are very many car rides, Motel rooms emerges with surprisingly little technical bells and whistles, a Teenager, is no Surprise and if time is not running, is beaten in the shower, shot, stand about the corridors of the hotel juggles.

But the Lieblings of locomotion is race. Over Stock and stone, car, roof on, over, and down. The Plot is thin and not really of interest to you. Trade in weapons, evil, greedy Customer, but nowhere, not even in the plot is not predictable. But there are bright spots: a feast for the eyes as the main actress Cobie Smulders, it shimmers always something Indefinable, not to the scenario belonging in their representation of the figure of Susan Turner. The 2. Light is the exporting villain. The Killer (Patrick Heusinger, 35, “Boomerang”) is a smart cat and is a very effective in the Kill and with full use of the body of the hunter Tom Cruise.

Conclusion: “Jack Reacher 2: No way back” is a dull, mass-produced goods. The Story is simplistic, the music is incredibly annoying and the movie is 1 hour 58 Min. excruciatingly long. “Jack Reacher” is, of course, a Must-have for die-hard Tom Cruise Fans. For fans of Cobie Smulders from the Sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, which should forward to a reunion with Robin Scherbatsky, you need to be brave: the Robin does not appear there. It’s a pity. (Katrin Wessel)

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