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Tom Hanks about Donald Trump: Rome Film Festival and elections

Tom Hanks about Donald Trump: Rome Film Festival and elections

Tom Hanks was speaking at the 11th Rome Film Festival when he was asked about the presidential election, the Syrian conflict, Russia and Donald Trump, of course. 

Tom Hanks came to Rome for its annual Film Festival, the American actor is a winner of an award for the life achievement. During his press conference, the Italian journalists asked actor Hanks about politic much often than a movie. Despite this unexpected topic, Tom Hanks answered all the questions.

The actor was surprised with the question about Donald Trump. Hanks tried to answer the question like ‘Tom, Tom, please. Why is America now…? Why the Trump? Why?’. Tom Hanks offered to Italians a simple answer:

‘For the same reason you’re Italians, why the Berlusconi? Why?’

Tom Hanks was very friendly and in a good mood, that’s why the actor refused to discuss the relationship between Russia and the US.

“I won’t dodge the question but I won’t answer it either, what do you think of that? It is beyond my paygrade to get involved in the diplomatic affairs between two different nations.”

Rome Film festival is holding until 23 October the retrospective of Hanks’ movies, guests will be able to watch his most famous works like “Apollo 13,” “Bridge of Spies,” “Big,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Cast Away,” “Forrest Gump” and “Philadelphia.”